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Step out of the box!

The true victory comes when you’ve stepped out of the box and become something you never thought imaginable. Never measure yourself to someone else’s standards and expectations. Do everything in life that other’s are never willing to do. One of the things others will never do is choose to inner develop emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. … Continue reading

The path of happiness

Sacredness of the heart, there is beauty in the soul when it experiences the true nature of existence. Why have we created the life we’ve chosen? The answer derives from an individual experience.   Living the path of unconditional love is a unique path just as it is a unique experience. Those that choose the … Continue reading

Shift in consciousness

Over the last four years one of the things I’ve learned is the solution to all problems is seeing them as opportunities. Opportunities for personal development and personal growth. Half the problems in our lives we create ourselves. Why? We have been heavily influenced by family, society, school, and politics. We’ve learned a certain mindset. … Continue reading